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Street Speaker Trainings


What is this training about?

Street talks are a fantastic way to quickly engage, inform and empower new joiners and existing rebels.

We have a range of Street Speaker Scripts that can be used at Actions.

The scripts are designed to be delivered by anyone without the need for training however, we're here to support you!

The support workshops will provide a space to:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Learn how to use the scripts and resources on the Rebel Toolkit
  3. Find a support buddy for delivering the talks in person/on the street
  4. Practise the street talks in breakout rooms


Sessions are held over Zoom and last 2 hours.


Street Speaker Support workshops are publicised on the Movement Broadcast on Telegram and Mattermost and XRUK Talks & Training Facebook Events in the run-up to large events where Street Speakers are needed.

Dates will be added to the registration form before those large events. If there aren't any events on the registration link, please keep an eye out for them being publicised and you'll find they've been added to this Register here form.

All dates, times, and registration info for XRUK Talks and Trainings can be found via:

If you have any questions, please email us on