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Heading for Extinction

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You can still access all the resources below.

📆 Talks take place online, every second Wednesday 7pm to 8.30pm REGISTER HERE

Learn the truth about the climate and nature emergency and what we need to do. The talk is regularly updated to include the current science, and will cover:

🔸unquestionable evidence for the climate crisis
🔸a wealth of easily accessible facts that can be referenced
🔸the rationale for joining XR in the campaign to bring about the necessary changes.

This talk is a recommended introduction to the most pressing issue facing every human on the planet.

❤️ All are welcome – friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and sceptics!

We really recommend attending a live online talk, but if you prefer you can watch a recording of an earlier talk here

Attended the talk already? Here are the follow up resources and information:

Now book to attend the Welcome to XR Talk online every Tuesday at 7pm.

Read the scientific paper Emergency on Planet Earth, underpinning the talk.

Get involved with a local group or an XR community.

Browse for more on the Extinction Rebellion website or on these Rebel Toolkit resources.

All dates, times, and registration info for XRUK Talks and Trainings can be found via:

If you have any questions, please email us on