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Contactless/Card Payments

Contactless/card payment devices are very helpful for fundraising, now that fewer people carry cash. People can make payments easily using their cards or their phone and the contactless/card payment devices are very easy to use.

Obviously you need a bank account to receive the funds taken via these devices.

Organisations like Zettle and SUMUP provide the interface platform between a bank account and the payment device. For this service, they take a fee deducted from your takings. Of course, they also sell you the payment device in the first place too! Some devices that are free up-front end up taking more in the long run via percentage revenues raised by you.

Cheaper devices (some cost as little as £20) do not have SIM cards built in, These need to be paired with the smart mobile phone of the person using the device. That person must have an account set up for them beforehand. If a different person uses it, then that all needs to be done again for the new phone. This is very fiddly and needs dedication! The drawback of these devices is they do not work so well when mobile phone coverage is less than perfect.

Our strong advice is to buy a contactless/card payment device with a SIM card already in.

Which Platform?

SUMUP is straightforward to set up with an online account. Their Solo device, which costs about £90, has a built in SIM so it can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Be aware that you do need to:

  • answer questions about what you are taking payments for
  • give the name of the person who is content to be named as being responsible for the group
  • link to website, social media page, or other page, to show them that you are a real group

Presumably these actions deter criminals from using the platform, but also instill confidence in potential donors.

Other platforms can require a higher level of proof of your reason for collecting payments.

Raise Funds for XR UK with a Contactless/Card Device

If you want us to provide a contactless/card payment device that is set up to direct funds into the XR UK bank account, please contact the fundraising team.

Get in touch through the Mattermost Fundraising Reception channel or email