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Messaging and Design

Insurance is the Achilles heel of the global fossil fuel industry. It’s what gives companies such as Shell, BP and Exxonmobil the confidence to drill as the planet burns - by covering their operations against financial losses when things go wrong.

Without insurance, major oil and gas projects would not be able to operate.

Just 20 companies insure 70% of fossil fuel projects and a large number of these companies are based in the UK, mostly in the City of London.

Messaging Pack contains

  • design colour scheme
  • hashtags to use and follow
  • ideas for messaging on banners and placards
  • information on the alliances behind the actions
  • three special demands for these actions
  • countdown to action social media plan

Design colour scheme

XR actions will follow the Design Programme and colour scheme for consistency. To sync up our actions we are using a streamlined palette of pink, black and white. Visibility of XR is key, so the symbol and/or logotype should be used wherever possible.

Folder of Extinction Rebellion assets and pre-made images for social media (more being added so check back soon!). You can also download XR fonts here.

Campaign Hashtags

Primary Hashtags:

  • #InsureOurSurvivalNOW
  • #ExtinctionRebellion
  • #CitizensAssemble

Secondary Hashtag:

  • #StopFloodingUs

Secondary Hashtags for insurers who have not ruled out the following ‘carbon projects’:

  • #StopEACOP
  • #StopWestCumbriaMine

Banner/Placard Messaging

Insure Our Survival slogan: 'Insure Our Survival, Not Fossil Fuels'

XRUK banner slogans:

  • Pull the plug on new oil & gas
  • No New Oil and Gas
  • Stop Insuring Climate Chaos
  • You’re a Risky Business
  • Decide Together: Insure Our Future
  • Extinction Rebellion

Placard suggestions:

  • Rebel for Truth
  • Rebel for Life
  • Climate Breakdown Cover
  • Only Fools Insure Fossil Fuels
  • Boycott ‘name of insurance company’ (only those that have public facing services). Or add an insurance company logo to your placard & include a message for them.

For targeted campaigns in high flood risk areas:

  • Stop Flooding Us
  • Paying you (or name of insurer) to flood our homes
  • Don’t make us The Uninsurables