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Support available on the Tech and Data shelf

You can get direct support via email and mattermost from the Digital Team.
This team also provides advice and consultancy on bigger projects.

Data Protection is very important to take time to learn about. If you’re collecting or using personal data, there are resources about GDPR to help you to understand what you need to do.

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

This book contains everything you need to know about these services, from what they are, to getting an account, using them effectively and more technical guidance for people who become 'group admins' or 'hub admins'

  • The Hub : holds information on XRUK groups, their purpose, members, roles and contacts.
  • Mattermost : Messaging platform connecting you to other rebels in XRUK and worldwide
  • The Cloud : secure document creation and storage
  • Forums : long-term, in-depth discussions
Action Network for XR
  • XRUK mailing system containing seperate 'email lists' for Nations & Regions, Local Groups, Campaigns, Volunteers, Talks and Training. All connected in one big 'network'.
Online tech tools
  • This provides guidance for other tech tools not covered in the two books listed above.
How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit
  • How any individual or team can contribute content to the toolkit
  • Guidance for editors of the toolkit