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Burner Phones

When on any action with a risk of arrest, DO NOT take your regular phone.

This is because the police can (and will) seize the phones of most people arrested, and as well as ending up with no phone, if the security on the phone is not super tight, they can copy everything from it whilst you are under arrest, putting you and other XR members at risk.

The best advice is to not take a phone with you at all, as burner phones can be expensive things to lose! If all you need is a couple of people's phone numbers, buy an old dumb phone. But if you absolutely need to take a smart phone (eg. you are taking photos at a spicy action), make sure that it has the bare minimum of information on it. Ensure it is not connected to any of your ordinary accounts (eg. email), and stick to the bare minimum of apps.

Burner phones should have saved only the numbers that are completely necessary. Save any contacts that are required with pseudonyms.

If you absolutely need to take your ordinary phone to an action, ensure you have a plan of someone who is much less likely to be arrested who you can give your phone to if things heat up. Ensure that they can return the phone to you when you're released.