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How the various Actions roles fit together

This diagram shows how the various roles involved in Actions work together and the typical journey a new volunteer would take in getting gradually more involved.

A version that allows you to zoom and pan around the diagram in more detail is available here.

  1. Starting in the centre, we see the various ways you might be recruited.

  2. You may not be able to phyiscally attend events and so opt for Home/Offsite roles.

  3. To start with you might simply turn up to an event and act as an Action Attendee.

  4. You may choose to become more engaged as a Non-Arrestable Action Participant. Note by non-arrestable, we mean that it is not your intention to be arrested. We cannot guarantee police response to our actions, however many actions are designed so that arrests are very unlikely.

  5. Once you have gained more experience, and/or been vouched for by someone known in the Actions teams, there are a group of roles that do carry a higher risk of arrest. Arrestable Action Participant, Overall Action Planning, Action Support Planning.

  6. Alternatively you may wish to consider some of the Street Support Roles that turn the Action plans into reality: Action Support, Media & Messaging, or Outreach roles.

As XR is radically inclusive anyone can go straight into any role except the pink ones which require prior experience and/or security verification.