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Design Programme, fonts, logos, woodblock images, colours. Leaflet and poster designs.

Design, Develop and Deliver Training

Dirty Water Campaign

Taking direct action to demand clean water.

Engaging Our Rebels

Ways to activate Rebels Momentum building and online campaigning Ideas for simple things you can ask rebels to do, to enc...

Finance and Fundraising

Guidance for local group, regions and nations on all things financial

Fundraising for Local Groups, Regions and Nations

Local groups have many demands on their time. This fundraising information below is not meant to be one more job for rebels, b...

Get Involved!

This book can only be viewed or edited by Librarians and Pathways team. To all others including other Hub Users (even when they...

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

A new vision for the toolkit has arrived! Please read the first page of this book for latest information on how to contribute.

How To Get Technical Support

How we work - the Self Organising System

Simple guide to Self Organising Systems (SOS)

Informed Dissent Resources

There is no such thing as an 'unarrestable offence'. This is something we should all know when participating in a protest. But,...

Integrator Handbook

This is an Onboarding Tool for Integrators from any Working Group (WG) or Local Group (LG). In this handbook, you should find t...

M&M Get Started

Media and Messaging core services. This chapter gives an outline of movement communication info for XR UK groups to draw on....

Mobilising the Community

Keep it simple, focus on mobilising energies where we know it’ll work – reaching and energising Local Group rebels, and bringin...

Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA)

We choose to practice NVDA out of principle and because it is proven to be more successful in creating a stable transition than...


Open Calls

Notes and links from XRUK Open Calls

Other Online Tech Tools

Other commonly used digital tools not covered in the two main books on the Tech Support shelf ('The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and ...