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Photography, Videography and Livestream

This book is about creating and sharing visual media, for both professionals and amateurs.

Post Training Resources

Press and Spokesperson

Learn to talk to journalists and get the traditional media (newspaper, TV, radio) to run your stories

Rebel from Home

Rebel Ringers Handbook

Learn what Rebel Ringers do, and how to sign up and make calls. Come along to one of our sessions to get trained and get starte...

Social Justice

Action Pack to support the Social Justice focus month (August 2024), as outlined in the 2024 Actions Strategy.

Social Media

Everything you need to know about social media platforms and how to use them as an activist or a local group.

SOS: making it work for you

How to use SOS effectively to build healthy teams and and an effective movement

Starting & Developing your Local Group

The Arts Wiki

Flyers, posters and other ideas provided by rebels all around the UK

The Essentials

The Foundation Programme

In this book, you will find information about: - applying to the Foundation Programme - joining the Hub (our one-stop-shop fo...

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

The XR supported tools we use to communicate with other XR rebels.

Themes for Actions

This section of the Toolkit is a showcase of action ideas on themes. These are not necessarily full action packs, but are here ...

UK Actions Strategy

XRUK Actions Strategies to increase participation in Nonviolent Direct Action to achieve our demands.

Upgrade Democracy

Get your tents and sleeping bags ready for a 3 day occupation which targets the failing system and finally brings Citizens’ Ass...

XR UK Constitution guides and resources

Resources and guidance referenced by the XR UK Constitution