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Art and Design considerations

Creative actions can have incredible power and impact.

Action Identity

Working closely with your Arts, Action & Messaging teams from the outset of action planning to decide on your Action Identity.

Who is the action aimed at and does it align with our demands?

Create a narrative and make it clear to the public through cohesive visuals and choreography such as banners, flyers, placards, mobile structures, music, drama or speeches.

Balance framing the action visuals with radical participation: space for rebels to bring their own creative expression.

Consider the look & feel of the action. Less is more. Think about visual framing for photographs and footage. The life of an action spreads online like a ripple effect. The press will respond best to well designed actions with clear messaging and powerful imagery.

Make sure your action promotes XR’s core demands and the action design rather than your own artistry or brand. Balance your own creativity with service to the movement. Aim for sustainable, recycled materials to embody the change.

Consider a colour scheme from the XR design programme, 2 or 3 colours is good. Also consider a clothing/outfit design or an easy dress code for wider participants.

Consider the weather and how it will affect your materials and staging. Eg. vinyl banners and waterproof placards hold strong in the rain and have a longer life.

Watch this masterclass in Art Activism John Jordan Youtube video