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There is funding available for holding Community Assemblies and needs spending! WE HAVE A DEADLINE for assemblies of 17th JANUARY for Climate Emergency Fund monies.

CEF funds can be used for:

  • hall hire (Don't cut corners on accessibility and space!)
  • food
  • outreach -interpreters (BSL or translation services)
  • creche
  • admin. You can claim CEF funds in advance or retrospectively.

CEF conditions as follows:

  • Your community assembly must be held by 17th January 2024
  • A rough breakdown of your costs must be provided
  • Receipts (copies of) will need to be provided.

We need some feedback about your event, including:

  • Rough number of participants
  • What was your discussion topic?
  • Links to at least two press articles
  • Did any local MPs or other notables attend?

Here is a feedback form for you to fill in to let us know about your assembly.

You can request funding directly, using the Payment Request Form. Make sure that you enter "Community Assembly" for the question "Which Team or Project is this for?"

It would be helpful if you can email when you submit a payment request to let us know about your claim.

Head spinning? Need a checklist? Let's ease your mind. We've added a Funding Checklist for you to bookmark.

Please claim everything. We need to spend this grant or risk losing it in future!

OTHER FUNDS Grants of up to £1,000 may be available from Lush If you want any help or advice on this, please contact the Fundraising Team. Ask your questions on MM here (Email link coming soon!)