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Wake up Rise up 🌶️🌶️

Raising the alarm on climate emergency (could be expanded for a March/protest or next rebellion)

👁️ Rebels gather outside at specific time and location dressed in nightware , pyjamas, nighties, dressing gowns, night caps, etc carrying alarm clocks. Accompanied by Placards painted with alarm clocks (wakey wakey) and eyes ( open and closed/ awake/ asleep) on sticks 👁️ (easy to make and painted on cardboard or flags printed with XR eyes block) at specific time the alarm clocks will be wound up and ring sounding the alarm for people to wake up to climate crisis reminding them to Rise.

Action can be repeated over and over thro a March or static location - outside the 🌶️🌶️🌶️ for more spice choose more Spicey location eg 10 downing st / gov offices / council offices/ bbc etc and add domestic smoke alarms / ringing bells etc and smoke bombs to suggest house/ planet on fire followed by die in. Live Music /Sound track related to sleeping