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We love Tree Huggers

In Response to kier stammers negative outburst “I hate tree huggers!” Turn up at location/march/action with a real or metaphorical representation of a tree. Make a Cardboard cut out of a tree to hug, carry a real tree branch /knitted tree / papier mache etc go crazy make a tree! 🎄 dress up as a tree and hug yourself! Accompanied by Placards with trees - sing about trees - poetry about trees music about trees -. Rallying speech from a tree hugger or green man/woman Hang out and hug your tree or March with your tree.

🌶️🌶️🌶️To add spice gather together a forest of tree huggers and plant yourselves outside kier stammers house/ Labour HQ /Labour conference in liverpool October 8-11th / DEFRA, etc and make some noise then chain yourselves together with crocheted leaves / ivy / daisies/ read poems let off green smoke flares.