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Joining the Foundation Programme


Join the Foundation Programme by applying here via the Volunteer Website

We run an Introduction to the Foundation Programme on zoom approximately monthly, but you can start the course at any point and join one of our weekly FP Get-togethers instead.

The next Introduction on Zoom will be 4/3/24 at 19:00.

One of our recent graduating students described the course as

“Inspiring, brilliant, rigorous, intelligent”

If we can help in any way to support you through the Foundation Programme, please get in touch by emailing

The Foundation Programme uses various different platforms:
    Click on the link above to find full information about your Course Zoom Sessions and click HERE for information on registering for them and what to do if you cannot attend.
    We recommend that you register for all of the live Zoom Sessions as soon as you are ready, but please remember that the Course Schedule is dynamic so things may change a little. If a session is moved to a different date, we will email you if you are registered but please recheck the schedule before you enter any live Zoom Session, in case you missed the email.

  2. XR TUBE
    XRUK has its own version of YouTube called XR Tube and the Foundation Programme has its own Playlist where all the recorded Zoom Sessions can be found. To access a recording via the Course Schedule, simply click on the link to watch.

    Recordings of live Zoom Sessions are for the convenience of students who cannot attend the live session. However, not all Zoom Sessions are suitable for being recorded. Please see the page on Zoom Sessions for more information.

    This is XRUK’s amazing online resource library, the platform you're using right now! It's accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.
    Click on the link above to go to the Rebel Toolkit homepage.

    This is our online learning platform, offering a range of interactive study sessions. Every time you complete a session, you get a badge ... okay, it's a virtual one but it's still a badge!
    For information on all of the Foundation Programme's sessions on the Rebel Toolkit and Rebellion Academy, click the link below.
    Rebel Toolkit and Rebellion Academy - Foundation Programme Sessions

  5. Mattermost for chatting - a similar app to WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal.