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Documents Management

We can all agree there are too many documents lying around! Hopefully, these tips will help us all be less overwhelmed by being more organised.

Add Document Specs (aim, date and origin of the doc) at the top of your documents. It makes clear to everyone reading what the doc seeks to achieve and prevents docs being circulated that spread misinformation.

For important documents that will be circulated publicly, please use the Style Guide for guidance on formatting, sizing of graphic design visuals etc. Please note that Karla is the preferred sans serif font for XR UK documents.

Working on Google Docs enables you to share information in a fluid and integrated way with others by taking comments and suggestions. However, it is not secure for sharing sensitive information, and there are concerns about how much of the content on Google Docs may be being harvested. Remember to make final versions switched to View Only so they can’t be changed.

For docs with sensitive info or spicy actions work in Cryptpad with password protection in place.