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Action Support

Volunteer roles to support actions : stewarding, well-being, protest liaison, production, outreach and more

What is Action Support

In order to succeed, actions need to be planned with a surrounding web of support. ‘Support’ mea...


Everything you might want to know about stewarding events, actions, marches.

Action Wellbeing

Action Wellbeing supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone involved in XR actions

Production & World Build

Production & World Build focuses on logistical and hands-on work and takes care of the practical ...

Embedding Nonviolence / Deescalation

Work to defuse tense situations

Protest Liaison

We optimise actions by liaising with the police and security contractors, as well as local author...


Rhythms are the thundering heart of the movement. We play simple percussion music inspired by Br...

Actions Outreach

We reach out to the public to listen and connect. To encourage others to explore their own feeli...

Arrestee / Back Office Support

There are 3 roles in the back office where you can support from home: Back Office Volunteer (BOV)...

Art Factory

Art Factory We are the makers, painters, printers and sewists. We produce the hand-made objects ...


Transport Planners: organise transport of rebels to and from large scale actions

Climbers / Rebelling at Height

Climbing Advisers: help to ensure all climbers taking part in XR actions are trained to a high le...