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Letters and Template Letters - Political

Letters and templates of letters which you can use to help you when you are writing to your Mps, ...

Social Media Strategies

Moving forwards on Social Media and getting noticed

Trust The People Workshops

Trust the People is a movement of community builders - open to everyone - sharing deliberative de...

Free The Truth - Connecting with our Media Sources

If you want to contact your local or National News outlets this is the book for you.

Rebel Responders Online Outreach Handbook (Troll Patrol)

We are not here to fight, but achieve XR's demands (Tell the Truth, Act Now, Beyond Politics). We...

Informed Dissent Resources

There is no such thing as an 'unarrestable offence'. This is something we should all know when pa...

Rebel Next Steps Pack

This pack is for rebels who have read the Rebel Starter Pack, agree with what we stand for and no...

Integrator Handbook

This is an Onboarding Tool for Integrators from any Working Group (WG) or Local Group (LG). In th...

Art Blockers UK

Resources and guidance on how to make XR prints, woodblocks flags, banners!

Arts Contacts

XR Art and Creative groups range from Design, Art Blockers, Paint The Streets to Theatre, 3D Make...

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

Art and creative guidance in all its XR glory.

UK Paint The Streets

Resources and info, poster designs, stencils, subvertising, murals and more


Design Programme (fonts, logos, woodblock images, icons), Colours, Artwork

Rebel's Art for XR

This is a space for art which was created for XR to use as they wish within actions or as part of...