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How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit

A new vision for the toolkit has arrived!

Integrator Handbook

This is an Onboarding Tool for Integrators from any Working Group (WG) or Local Group (LG). In this handbook, you should find the resources you need to welcome new and existing Rebels to your team or LG.

Art Blockers

Physical art and making - woodblocks, painting, flags, banners!

Paint The Streets

Our longstanding flyposting & subvertising campaign. A great low-risk first NVDA action.


Design Programme, fonts, logos, woodblock images, colours. Leaflet and poster designs.

Healthy Teams

Resources for you and your team. From starting off, to resolving issues to the best practices we have for building and maintaining healthy teams.

Action Network for XR

XRUK's mailing system containing separate 'email lists' for Nations & Regions, Local Groups, Campaigns, Volunteers, Talks and Training, all connected in one big 'network'. This book contains guidance for how to become an admin of a list, to send emails, how...

Online Group Chats

Mattermost, Signal, WhatsApp and Telegram - how to choose, set up and run a secure and effective XR group chat.

Community Alliance Building

Resources for helping Local Groups to build alliances with community groups in their area.

Community Assemblies

Community Assemblies provide a way for people to organise locally and to experience the power of deliberative democracy to make progress on the issues that are most important to a community. To choose our future, mitigate power and empower our communities,...

Rebel Ringers Handbook

Learn what Rebel Ringers do, and how to sign up and make calls. Come along to one of our sessions to get trained and get started! Sign up via:

The Foundation Programme

In this book, you will find information about: - applying to the Foundation Programme - joining the Hub (our one-stop-shop for all XR tools & services) and finding your course schedule there - the Foundation Programme Team - help using Zoom

Social Media

Everything you need to know about social media platforms and how to use them as an activist or a local group.

Action Planning

Before, During and After an Action - what do you need to think about when planning your action

Design, Develop and Deliver Training

Post Training Resources

M&M Get Started

Media and Messaging core services. This chapter gives an outline of movement communication info for XR UK groups to draw on. M&M (for short) is a working group in charge of promoting XR's work, actions and events, using social media and traditional media...

Press and Spokesperson

Learn to talk to journalists and get the traditional media (newspaper, TV, radio) to run your stories

Photography, Videography and Livestream

This book is about creating and sharing visual media, for both professionals and amateurs.

Action Support

Volunteer roles to support actions : stewarding, well-being, protest liaison, production, outreach and more!