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Action Planning

Before, During and After an Action - what do you need to think about when planning your action

Design, Develop and Deliver Training

Post Training Resources

M&M Get Started

Media and Messaging core services. This chapter gives an outline of movement communication info for XR UK groups to draw on. M&M (for short) is a working group in charge of promoting XR's work, actions and events, using social media and traditional media...

Press and Spokesperson

Learn to talk to journalists and get the traditional media (newspaper, TV, radio) to run your stories

Photography, Videography and Livestream

This book is about creating and sharing visual media, for both professionals and amateurs. There are two ways to contribute your photos to XR UK, directly to the XR Media Library ‘Picture Desk’ or via XRUK Live Action Content Telegram channel. Please avoid ...

Action Support

Volunteer roles to support actions : stewarding, well-being, protest liaison, production, outreach and more!

Intro to Technical and Data Services

The Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forums

The XR supported tools we use to communicate with other XR rebels.

Other Online Tech Tools

Commonly used digital tools which aren't covered in the other books on the Tech and Data shelf

Finance and Fundraising

Guidance for local group, regions and nations on all things financial.

Citizens' Assemblies

XR's central demand is a Citizens' Assembly for Climate and Ecological Justice, because party politics alone can’t give us the fair, long term solutions we all need.

Open Calls

'Show Notes' from XRUK Open Calls

Outreach Methods and Materials

Design Ideas for Actions

Creative and practical elements to add to your action designs

Arrestee and Legal Support

Music, Words and Performance

Get Involved!

UK Actions Strategy

XRUK Actions Strategies to increase participation in Nonviolent Direct Action to achieve our demands.

The Essentials