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3. Recruitment

Recruitment is usually carried out intermittently, and will definitely happen in association with mass actions.

  • Roles will be advertised widely, using XR’s communication channels.
  • No experience is necessary, though some familiarity with XR’s arrestee support systems is helpful.
  • Volunteers are invited to offer 3 or 6-hour shifts, which will be coordinated in a rota.
  • The majority of volunteers prefer to work from home, though there is sometimes a possibility of working from a physical Back Office.
  • Volunteers will need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with a reliable internet connection, and will need to be able to access Zoom.
  • The Back Office Volunteer [BOV] role involves using a software-based phone system (3CX). Volunteers relying on hearing aids are asked to ensure their compatibility with this system. A device being used to access 3CX will need to have a microphone. BOVs will also need to access Signal.
  • The Police Station Support Coordinator [PSSC] role relies on the use of WhatsApp and Signal groups: volunteers are asked to familiarize themselves with both platforms.