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Arrest welfare

Arrest Welfare Team: Contact:

We will do our best to support you through the post arrest process. Here is a list of what is available from our team. Please always get in touch with us about any of these, or if you ever need any other help, information or advice. And be sure to let us know straightaway if you are charged so that we can send you additional information and contacts.

Personal and individual telephone support

Telephone supporters are available through our Post Arrest Liaison (PAL) network and will provide a sympathetic and practical ear. They can introduce you to relevant resources and provide a supportive link to the XR arrest support network. They can give support following arrest, and throughout the court process to the end of the trial. So do let us know if you would like someone to give you a call.

Trained Emotional Support Network

The TESN team offers further emotional support, by trained practitioners, free of charge, to any rebel who is in need of it. If this is something you would like to take up please contact them direct at

Some local groups are organising their own arrest support teams. If you give your consent we will contact them on your behalf. If you haven’t let us know where you’re based please get in touch with that information.

Self-representing defendants peer to peer chat groups

XR Charged Defendants chat groups on Mattermost and on Telegram

Many rebels find these a helpful source of information, support and contacts. If you have been charged and you would like to be added, please get in touch with us.

Plea Hearing and Trial Support

For London based trials - and increasingly across the Regions/Nations. We will ensure that defendants have supporters either in person or by phone to provide practical and emotional support throughout the process. Please make sure we know about your court dates so that we can arrange this.

Support with financial costs

Defendants' Travel expenses - Follow this link to reclaim money spent on court related travel.

We work closely with the Legal Support Team. Most importantly, Funded Support is available to everyone who is charged. Please be sure to check out the information in this toolkit on Financial support for charged rebels.

Data and contact issues

We will be in touch intermittently by email with updates. Please let us know if you do not want to be contacted. If you do not want your details kept on our database just let us know. This will mean we will not be able to be in touch with you directly to offer support but you can of course still get in touch with us.