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How to request a Legal Observer for a protest

Many people are worried about the risk of arrest and police intimidation at actions they are planning. Having legal support in place before an action can help people stay safer. There are useful tips around this in the Green and Black Cross guide planning an action.

The Independent Legal Observers Network (ILON) may be able to provide legal observers to support your action on the day. To request a legal observer, email ILON and including the following details:

  • The exact location of the protest
  • The start time and expected end time
  • The issue, and name of the organising group
  • Any social media links for the protest
  • A contact number for the day, in case it's needed

The more notice you can give the better, so please let them know basic details as soon as you start planning to call the demo/protest. A week's notice or more is ideal. You can contact ILON at

PLEASE NOTE if you are in Scotland, you will need to contact the Scottish Community & Activist Legal Project for support.