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6. ArrestWatch

This is the database used during and after an action to record information about arrestees, legal observers, and calls associated with the action. Information can be entered manually or, in the case of an arrest or release, via an online form.

The use of the forms and database can be practised using the ArrestWatch playground. The username and password for BOVs and PSSCs respectively are: bov, bovbov; and pssc, psscpssc. Please don’t change these! The arrest report form is at, and the release form at

Manual entries

Online entries


There are three levels of access to the information currently held in ArrestWatch, all access is via login at Volunteers will be allocated a login, with the appropriate level of access, after completing the training required by A&LS policy.

  • PSSCs: Level 1 (Arrest reports, the call log and the LO log)
  • BOVs and some BOCs: Level 2 (Level 1 + Release reports)
  • The ArrestWatch Admins and some BOCs: Level 3 (Level 2 + record of ArrestWatch users)
  • Tech team: Level 4 (Level 3 + access to archived data)