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Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Positive Solutions Fabric Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces (for wall hanging)

This describes a way to make art collaboratively, involving individual puzzle shaped art, brought together and displayed as a bigger display.

You could embroider, applique, paint, draw, glue a positive solution to the climate and ecological crisis. It can be something, global, national or local.

You can print this template (it’s A3 size so you may need to print over two A4 sheets and tape together) and cut your own material. (It can be useful if someone can pre-cut some puzzle fabric and post out to those who don’t have access to a printer).

IMPORTANT DIRECTION: All puzzle pieces must face the same way when completed so they can fit together as a giant wall hanging jigsaw.

Template can be found here

If you’re not sure how to print the template at home if you have an A4 printer, follow these instructions

When collecting puzzle pieces it could be useful to get name, age, location, contact details (MM, email) and a short blurb describing the design if you want to write a descriptor for the pieces when on display. Once all pieces are collected fit them together to create a large wall hanging/ banner. Can display and use to interact by inviting people in your local communities to add their own pieces (once lockdown ends).