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Our broadcasts


Key info on UK actions, strategy and Rebellion updates.


UK-wide events & training.


Press releases, design assets, training sessions and general M&M news.

💡 Note: These channels can be accessed either through Telegram and Mattermost, as they’re synced up! You don't need to join via both platforms!

Consider unmuting the Rebellion Broadcast, both for yourself and for others to stay tuned in and not to miss important announcements.

Ask for your event to be shared via the broadcasts

Only send your request directly to broadcast if it’s already been agreed by Action Circle/Operations or to share your talk, event or training on the Movement Broadcast.

You can do this via one of the following routes:

See the full Broadcast process for further info.

Check out XRUK Broadcast Guidelines with all the info you need to set up and run broadcasts and public action chats effectively and securely.

Key reminders:

  • Keep messages short and link out to further information.

  • Leave time for your message to land. It can sometimes take weeks for a message to reach Local Group channels. Last minute messaging can be counterproductive.

  • Make language accessible and clear. See these inclusivity resources.

  • Encourage your group to follow and check the broadcast channels. Limit cascading information through chats as it leads to overwhelm.

  • Another way of sharing a message is by sharing the LINK to a Telegram message, rather than the whole message. Right-click on the post in the broadcast channel and 'Copy Link', then post this link in your chat. This saves time and steers folks to the main broadcast channels.

  • Don’t share messages before they’ve gone out on the main broadcast. The Telegram broadcasts are synced up with Mattermost, so people can see the messages on either channel.