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Using XR UK Email & Action Network

XR UK Email

Due to the size of the XR UK list it is a powerful way to communicate and engage people with a wide variety of ‘asks’; from donating money, to signing up to a zoom training, or with repeated promotion of a mass (London-based) action.

However, your communication needs to be relevant to the large and very broad audience of the email list. Full list emails are expensive (£150 each) and also come at a cost (unsubscribes and overwhelm) if too many are sent out. With space for only a maximum of 8 a month, including all fundraising needs, we have to be very strategic to coordinate requests and unfortunately this sometimes means saying no to a project.

Sometimes a subset of the email list can be used (for example people who have joined recently) or perhaps a Nation/Region/Local email is more appropriate due to the location of an event.

Fill the UK Comms Request form to make a request.

Using Action Network

Your event registration can be organised using Action Network (XR’s email list system). This has many advantages and is important to do if you are expecting your event to be advertised via the UK Email list.

To create your own events:

  • You need to be an Admin on Action Network.
  • Request an Admin login from your Local Group and/or your Region or Nation.
  • Contact the Action Network Data Team for training and support using this form.

If your event is online: Create a non-registration Zoom link with the Waiting Room switched on (if preferred). Add the Zoom link to your Action Network event registration.

It’s helpful for our Action Network database to know who on the email list is engaged in what kinds of activities (training/open calls etc).

You can create a follow-up email to be sent to everyone who registered. This can include links to further events or a recording of the event they may not have had time to attend.

All data on email addresses is kept within Action Network (e.g. not in Zoom).

If charging for your event, use Eventbrite.

For more information contact the Action Network Data Team: