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The difference between Citizens', Community, and Peoples Assemblies

Citizens' Assemblies

People’s, community, and citizens' assemblies allow people to have an informed and honest conver...

Updated 3 weeks ago by Emma

Potential Targets & Action Ideas

Social Justice

Housing The housing crisis is forcing more and more people out of homes and onto the streets wit...

Updated 3 weeks ago by Marcus

Advertise your roles on the Volunteer Website

Integrator Handbook Recruiting new volunteers This website works just like a jobs board and aims to help volu...

Updated 3 weeks ago by Michelle Barnes

Installing DKIM, SPF and DMARC records

Action Network for XR Advanced

You only need to do this if you have your own domain. e.g. Setting this up helps...

Updated 3 weeks ago by Kay

Will chalking or flyposting get me arrested?

Paint The Streets

You are unlikely to get stopped in the UK. The police are usually uninterested in chalking and fl...

Updated 4 weeks ago by Ned

General and Event Specific Flyers

Outreach Methods and Materials Flyers, Posters & Stickers

Ready to print flyers for themes, actions and general climate and ecological messaging Restore Na...

Updated 4 weeks ago by Emma

Zoom FAQs / Troubleshooting

The Foundation Programme Learning on Zoom

Zoom Basics Helpful advice on using zoom is here on the Tech and Data shelf of the Rebel Toolkit ...

Updated 4 weeks ago by Ned

Getting started on Zoom and troubleshooting

Other Online Tech Tools Zoom

Helpful YouTube videos on all things Zoom! For accessing and using on your computer For acces...

Updated 4 weeks ago by Ned

Street Speaker Trainings

Directory of Talks and Training Outreach Trainings

What is this training about? Street talks are a fantastic way to quickly engage, inform and empo...

Updated 1 month ago by Ned

Additional Learning

Community Assemblies

More Resources If you are seeking one to one advice on how to organise or run your assembly, one ...

Updated 1 month ago by XRDeeds

Designing questions for People's Assemblies

People's Assemblies

What to discuss ? This will depend entirely on the setting and framing of the Assembly. Assembly ...

Updated 1 month ago by Emma

FAQs about People's Assemblies

People's Assemblies

FAQs How many people do I need to hold a PA? Ideally deliberation groups of 6 to 12 people and a ...

Updated 1 month ago by Emma

Script for Running a People's Assembly

People's Assemblies

Copy in from here IN PERSON:

Updated 1 month ago by Emma

What are People's Assemblies?

People's Assemblies

Why do we use People's Assemblies? People’s assemblies are a structured way for a group of peop...

Updated 1 month ago by Emma

Messaging Global Justice Actions

Global Justice

Below are some messaging resources for the global justice theme. War & Peace Messaging Guidelines...

Updated 1 month ago by Emma

More Resources

Global Justice

Global Justice Reading Generation Climate Europe: Global North and Global South: How Climate Ch...

Updated 1 month ago by Emma

Resources to Run an Assembly

Community Assemblies

Local Group Pack Why run an assembly What to think about before launching your assembly What tr...

Updated 1 month ago by XRDeeds

What Are Community Assemblies?

Community Assemblies

A community assembly is local people hearing, deliberating & deciding about local issues that af...

Updated 1 month ago by XRDeeds

Access and Inclusion Summary for Content Contributors

Neurodiverse and Disabled Rebels Inclusion

Summary | Access and Inclusion In All Spaces Disabled Rebels Network contact Three important ...

Updated 1 month ago by Joni Wilson

Contributor Guidelines

How to contribute to the Rebel Toolkit NEW: Guidelines for Content Contributors

How to contact us Via our Mattermost Reception or by email Visio...

Updated 1 month ago by Emma