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What is Action Wellbeing?

Action Wellbeing 1500x600.png

Action Wellbeing supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone involved in XR actions. Look out for us in our blue hi-vis. In our teams we also have qualified First Aiders who wear green tabards.

We provide water, hand warmers and snacks (chocolate!), as well as a listening ear and a friendly smile. Rebels come to us for information on the nearest toilets, rain protection, conversation, blankets and pillows, warm tea, songs and chants, support during arrests and countless other useful things! We promote self-care, people-care and Earth-care.

First Aid typically needed when over 50 attending, or high physical risk environment Wellbeing typically needed when arrests planned, longer duration actions, larger numbers attending, certainly for lockons, glue, occupations

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