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Regional Arrestee Support Coordinators

Regional XR Arrestee Support Coordinators encourage and support rebels in their regions and within associated XR groupings, to embed Arrestee Support into Action Planning. We aim to prepare local rebels whose activities may risk arrest and to help to keep rebels safe and looked after when they are detained and charged. While activities of Regional Arrestee Support Coordinators vary across regions and within associated groupings, typically, we:

  • Contribute to the development of regional arrestee support via communication with Regional Anchor Circles.
  • Facilitate local group rebels’ awareness of their rights to protest and their rights when arrested, including by sharing information about relevant legal changes.
  • Signpost local rebels to useful training opportunities and to post-arrest support, including providing information about accessing financial legal support.

During national Rebellions, some regions provide a “Back Office” helpline that keeps track of arrestees and organises local police station support volunteers to meet arrestees upon release, providing practical and psychological support. Often, Regional Arrestee Support Coordinators will supply and distribute printed “bust cards” and other information at national, regional, or local actions. Some Regional Coordinators arrange and provide Court Support for rebels prosecuted within their regions.

Regional Arrestee Support Coordinators often also serve as or meet with local Arrestee Support contacts to share learnings and coordinate Arrestee Support across regions. We have direct links to several parts of the central XR Arrestee Support apparatus and regularly contribute to Arrestee & Legal Support meetings and projects. So, if a rebel has an urgent question or concern about some aspect of Arrestee Support and can’t get an answer, we can usually track down the information you need or connect you with someone who will assist you. We meet monthly to share updates, exchange ideas and fast track regional queries.