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Data & Facts - Gaps: Our Anthropocence

Our Anthropocene

  • Plastic pollution is one of the reasons that archeologists now argue that we are no longer in the Holocene, as our plastic footprint means that our earth's surface is now littered with long term plastic pollution (together with human created climate change escalation). Now we need to call our current phase of history the 'Anthropocene'.

  • So much to say and so many organisations are already operating in the plastic pollution space, for now, check out our sources of pollution page for links.

  • If you are looking to build plastic pollution campaigns at the local level and feel bewildered at the amount of possible allies, Dirty Water crew are currently creating digital armbands to keep you afloat. An interactive spreadsheet of contacts is on our list of resources!

  • Meantime, if the circular economy and reduced consumption rather than recycling is your swim style, the Ellen McArthur Foundation is a good start.