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Make a Fishhead or Fish Mask

From quick and easy to more complex, make a Fishhead or Fish Mask!

cardboard fish on a man's head

cardboard fish

How to make a Fishhead

To make a Fishhead, you'll need:

  • Cardboard [boxes, pizza boxes - not too thick]
  • Scissors or craft knife [if using a craft knife, use a cutting board]
  • String or something to measure around your head
  • Rolling pin or something to soften and flatten the cardboard to stop it creasing
  • Stapler [a long one is good if possible]
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Chalk spray paint
  • Chalk paint Markers
  • Newspaper or something to cover a table or floor

Buy Chalk spray paint from Suspectpackage [cheapest at time of purchase]

You will need:

  • Cardboard [boxes - pizza boxes will do - not too thick]
  • String or something to measure around your head
  • Scissors or a craft knife / scalpel [and cutting board if using a knife]
  • Pencil and marker pen
  • Stapler [long one if possible]
  • Masking tape
  • Pliers [not essential]
  • Newspaper or something to cover the table / floor as protection
  • Chalk spray paint
  • Chalk paint markers

You can buy chalk spray paint from Suspectpackage and at the time of buying they were cheaper than Graff. Chalk paint markers can be bought from a variety of places including both outlets above.

How to make a Fish Mask

Designed by Steve Wintercroft

This mask can be built by simply taping the edges together or using the tabs to glue the edges together.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 145429.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 145944.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150551.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150607.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150626.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 151422.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150701.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150721.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150738.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150801.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150818.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150837.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150857.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150912.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150926.png Screenshot 2024-03-05 150948.png