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Dirty Water Posters

Ceremony | Water is Life Posters

Download or send to a professional printers here:

A4 Poster | A3 Poster


Water is Life poster Water is Life poster

Fill-in-the-blanks Posters

Fill in the blanks

Flypost your polluted waterway or coastline with this handy poster, just fill in the blanks. Do your research to be sure the text you're adding is accurate!

This water is polluted with: RAW SEWAGE

The responsible party is: WESSEX WATER

Contact them here to register your complaint:

If you are unsure about flyposting another option is to paste the poster onto cardboard and attach with string.

To print in colour: Download yellow and black 'Fill in the blanks' WARNING poster - jpeg (scroll to the bottom of the folder).

To print on yellow paper: Download black & white 'Fill in the blanks' Warning poster - jpeg.

Sewage Ahead Road Sign

Hi-res versions of the 'Sewage Ahead' Road Sign can be found here. There are several different designs to choose from. A good size to print the sign is A2.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Sewage (for Flyposting)

Download a hi-res version for printing here.

Vote Clean Water Posters

Download hi-res versions for printing here.

vote clean water posters.PNG