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Poo Themed actions!

Poo Pouring toe dip

A short video of a poo-pouring action from Wave 1.

Rogers Poo Recipe!
  • Make some porridge, as you would for breakfast but thinner and more watery.
  • Then thickened it up by adding white flour (in cold water) and boiling again till the right consistency achieved. Needs to run slowly down a vertical surface.
  • Then add torn bits of kitchen paper and stir in some water-based brown paint.
  • There is plenty of scope for variations!!

This action idea could also be a centerpiece for a larger event.

Recce and rehearsal

Practice your pouring ceremony beforehand to be sure it goes right. Most targets will be vertical so practice pouring onto a vertical surface. Use a receptacle such as a squishy plastic bottle to pour from.

Survey the Pouring target beforehand to plan your theatrics, and also to be sure it will cause no lasting damage.

Important Warning - be aware that Poo Pouring on a permeable surface, such as stone, could cause long lasting stains, impossible to clean off on the day. Avoid permeable surfaces due to the possibility of inadvertently causing ‘criminal damage’!

Clean up!

It is vital to clean up after your point has been made if you want to avoid any charge of criminal damage!
Bring water and cloths to clean up, and place a piece of carpet beneath the target to catch drippage.

Poo Party

River Creatures Party by Taunton's River Tone but Raw Sewage in the Water turns it into a Poo Party
(Youtube 3 mins)

Brief Action Plan for Sharing

Location - busy park, Saturday morning, polluted River Tone in background.

Props and Costumes - long table so we can all sit behind, in shot. Tablecloth smeared in sewage with banner "Stop the Poo-lution" and "crockery" which is bits of old plastic taken from the river plus "Crisis, What Crisis?" tea-pot.

Guests are wearing animal heads and human colourful clothing to match their creature.

Also at the party are citizen scientists in hazmat suits (under a fiver at builders merchants) with clip boards, testing the river water in jugs on table, which animals are drinking.


Swimming In It by Beans on Toast
(Youtube 5 mins) - perfect length and really added something.
Whilst it's playing - creatures dance around table, drink lots of river water, eat turd and poo cakes and gradually all die. Citizen scientists express angst and grief. Final scene is a tableau of dead creatures, debris and banners.