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Dirty Water | Waves

Dirty Water Landing Page

The Dirty Water Landing Page is a Google doc with links to all the Waves of actions and has the information you need to take part in each Wave. Bookmark the Google doc for easy access.

Wave 6

📆 July 2024 - ongoing

Join us in WAVE 6 which is rolling in from July 2024. You can use the options in the Action Pack at any time, but keep an eye out in the Dirty Water Telegram Broadcast and chat or via email, for coordinated days of action.

You can also access Wave 6 actions and assets, information for outreach, talks and raising awareness all in the Dirty Water Book on the Rebel Toolkit.

Wave 5

📆 Nov 2023 - June 2024

Join us in WAVE 5 which is rolling in from Nov 2023 until 2024. You can use the options in the Action Pack (click on Wave 5) at any time, but keep an eye out for coordinated days of action.

Wave 4

📆 Fri 4 – Sun 6 August 2023

This time we took the campaign to local bathing spots! We reinforced outreach with flyers and posters giving pubic health information, warning signs, brown flags and Dirty Water banner drops.

🌊 Wave 4 Action Pack (click on Wave 4)

Wave 3 [in Ripples]

Ripple 1

📆 21st-24th April 2023- part of The Big One

Ripple 2

📆 Early May 2023- focused on the Local Elections.

🌊 Wave 3 Action Pack (click on Wave 3)
🌊#VoteCleanWater Action Pack (including excellent posters on the final slide)

Wave 2

📆 13th -19th March 2023

Wave 2 took the focus to the polluters themselves- water companies, agriculture and industry. It also included a Digital Rebellion action pack so you could take part from home.

🌊 Wave 2 Action Pack (click on Wave 2)
🌊 Digital Rebellion Dirty Water Pack

Wave 1

📆 28th January 2023

Dirty Water was launched with the highly successful Blue Plaque actions, where local groups across the country 'celebrated' the failure of their MPs to vote to protect our rivers and force water companies to reduce sewage discharge.

Blue plaque actions are easy and effective. You can do a blue plaque action any time!

🌊 Wave 1 Action Pack (click on Wave 1)