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Free The Truth - Connecting with our Media Sources

If you want to contact your local or National News outlets this is the book for you.

Block Artwork Links

Art Blockers UK Block Artwork

January 2020 New Blocks Abs In The Eyes Acorn - LARGE All Day Breakfast Art Blocker...


Building 2021 Strategy

There are may things which have been inputted into the Assembly. From background on Convergent Fa...


Building 2021 Strategy

This process will be the first of many and with each iteration we will learn and tweak the way we...

XR Cymru Posters

Art Blockers UK

Bilingual posters for XR Cymru asking people to support both CEE Bill and Six Principles campaigns.

Art Blockers

Art Blockers UK

XR Art Blockers have developed these facilities to help you provide prints for your actions !

Hub Admin Guides

Online Tools for Communicating with Oth...


Art Blockers UK

Print onto A4 (eco-friendly!) sticker paper.

Block Artwork

Art Blockers UK

Artwork for printing, painting and woodblocks.

Flag Making

Art Blockers UK Art Blockers

For a video guide to make a symbol flag click here. And for a video guide to make a quadrant fla...

How to Print

Art Blockers UK Art Blockers

All XR Badges

Art Blockers UK Badges

59mm Roundel Badges

Art Blockers UK Badges

Block Library Cutting Guide

Art Blockers UK Block Artwork

Block Master

Art Blockers UK Block Artwork

Block Master - March 2020 Click on the images to enlarge to true scale. ...


Building 2021 Strategy

Here we have an overview of how the Strategy Process is going and regular updates from the Assembly.

Flag Template Links

Art Blockers UK Flag Templates

Flag Templates FULL SIZE Bee Template FULL SIZE Symbol Template For a guide to fla...

Flag Label

Art Blockers UK Flag Templates

Click on the image to make full size.

Why We're Taking Action and You Should Join Us Booklet

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

Wake Up Act Now Booklet for sharing from Arts WG If you click on the images you will be taken to...

Bird Skeleton Making Guide

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

XR Skeletons Rebellion As the Climate & Ecological crisis deepens around the world our beaut...

Infinite Growth: Now Is Time To Plant A Wildflower

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

Our landscape for action has changed. With dolphins returning to the canals of Venice, cougars be...

3 Positive Solutions Creative Actions (suitable for Lockdown)

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

Positive Solutions Arts In December 2020 we asked XR Scotland rebels to make and photograph art ...

Endangered Species

Art Blockers UK XR Cymru Posters

How to make a banner

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

Click here for the youtube link to the video for how to make a banner The video includes: 1. Ho...

Who to Contact

Connecting with the Community Making Connections

Thinking about your current connections Get your LG together to identify local organisations a...

Contacting 'difficult' MPs

Letters and Template Letters - Political

Some of us are in strong Tory or DUP seats or with MPs who have had very poor records on Climate....

Writing to the Mayor of London - Example Letter

Letters and Template Letters - Political

Email: Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing with great concern about the ...


Letters and Template Letters - Political Letter Writing Tips

• It is of paramount importance that XR brings MPs onto the side of climate justice. • It would ...

Paint The Streets - Info Pack

UK Paint The Streets

This is a live doc! To find the most up-to-date Paint The Streets (PTS) info doc please find it l...


Building 2021 Strategy

These pages will outline the process by which UK strategy can be defined, as designed by the Stra...

Rebel Responders Online Outreach Handbook (Troll Patrol)

We are not here to fight, but achieve XR's demands (Tell the Truth, Act Now, Beyond Politics). We...

UK Paint The Streets

Resources and info, poster designs, stencils, subvertising, murals and more

Informed Dissent Resources

There is no such thing as an 'unarrestable offence'. This is something we should all know when pa...

Building Local Groups

Resources on starting up new Local Groups, organising in Local Groups and growing your groups.

Rebel Next Steps Pack

This pack is for rebels who have read the Rebel Starter Pack, agree with what we stand for and no...

Integrator Handbook

This is an Onboarding Tool for Integrators from any Working Group (WG) or Local Group (LG). In th...

Art Blockers UK

Resources and guidance on how to make XR prints, woodblocks flags, banners!

Arts Contacts

XR Art and Creative groups range from Design, Art Blockers, Paint The Streets to Theatre, 3D Make...

Guidelines & Booklets - Art

Art and creative guidance in all its XR glory.

How to Develop Talks, Trainings and Workshops for XR

This handbook has been written by a group - Rebel Curriculum - which exists to support rebels who...

Building 2021 Strategy

The UK Strategy Assembly has been set up to draw from the experience and expertise from across th...

Communities People's Assemblies

In late 2020 and early 2021, the UK Communities team hosted a monthly People's Assembly on the 3r...

Online Tools for Communicating with Other Rebels

This book describes the tools you can use to communicate and collaborate with other rebels. In pa...

Health of the Movement

We are a movement which values reflection and learning and therefore put a lot of thought into ho...


Design Programme (fonts, logos, woodblock images, icons), Colours, Artwork

A Toolkit Introduction

About The Rebel Toolkit

Hello and Welcome to the Rebel Toolkit! In this chapter, you will find training tools around how ...

Rebel's Art for XR

This is a space for art which was created for XR to use as they wish within actions or as part of...

Building Teams

Self-Organising System, mandates, healthy teams and meetings. Resources for you and your team....

Affinity Groups - building, joining and support

An AG is a group of people who support each other to take part in nonviolent direct action (NVDA)

Do Or Die - Workshop Recipe

3. Engaging Communities

Trust The People Workshops

Engaging communities involves putting energy into understanding who is in your area, what their n...

4. Community Assemblies

Trust The People Workshops

Community Assemblies are a structured and democratic way for a group of people to share ideas and...

5. Community Organising

Trust The People Workshops

Community organising is about finding ways to put your ideas into action. It is about learning fr...

Preparing for new rebels

Integrator Handbook

Recruiting new rebels

Integrator Handbook

Welcoming new rebels

Integrator Handbook


Art Blockers UK

Printed onto cloth and then pinned wherever suits that Rebel!

Graphic Design Resources


The principles of graphic design to produce XR's destinctive look, and artwork to use. See also ...




Q and A

Letters and Template Letters - Political Letter Writing Tips

MP: The government’s current plans on climate change, to become carbon neutral by 2050, are ambit...