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Intro to the Hub Admin Role

OK - so you'd like to be a Hub Admin - great! It's a very rewarding role - you get to help in a variety of areas of Hub activity and reach out and support all members. This will often include Group Admins who may need support with some functions which they cannot access. As you will see, from reading the Using the Hub Admin Interface, the range of Hub Admin functions is quite extensive. In fact, some functions require great care, particularly those which affect the relationships between teams, and the authority they have, in line with the SOS - and Hub Admins need to be aware of the implications of their actions, before carrying them out, to avoid data loss and other "side effects".

So, let's look at where Hub Admins are generally required:

  • Supporting a Group Admin and Hub Group Coordinators with their Local Group or Working Group, etc. Setting and editing Link Roles, for example, where the Group Admin needs access to another Hub Group. You will, of course, be checking who is asking for a change, and making sure they have the necessary authority, before doing it.

  • If the Hub Admin has responsibilty for a Region or Nation, then they may be called to make changes to structure that impacts Regional Working Groups as well as coordinating groups, like Anchor Circle, etc. It's important that the Hub Admin maintains a close working relationship with the coordinators wishing to make such changes to ensure SOS principles are observed.

  • The Hub Admin may be asked to assist in inviting new members to the Region or Nation's Local Groups - this is the case when The Hub Admin has Gardener Accountabilities. When introducing new members to Local Groups, it is vital that the Group Admin and Coordinators of the Local Group are fully aware of the situation, so that the new rebel enjoys as positive an integration as possible.

  • Of course it may be that the new rebel's preferred Local Group is inactive - i.e. has no Group Admin or Coordinators. It's unlikely that simply joining them to that Local Group will be beneficial. Better to discuss integration at a Regional / National level, which will involve those Group Admins and Coordinators, together with an Integrator, if there's one available.

  • Lastly, issues can be discussed with other Hub Admins, via the Mattermost Hub Admin Channel, to which you will be automatically invited when you become a Hub Admin.

Good Luck and Thank You for joining the Hub Admins team!!