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Change your login name (handle)

  • If you want a different login name (known as your Handle on Mattermost), you need to change this on the Hub.
    • n.b Please be aware that if you change your Login name, this will re-create your Cloud account. If anyone has shared files and/or folders with you on the Cloud, then your access to these will be lost.
    • Do not change your handle on Mattermost, you must change it on The Hub. If you change your handle on Mattermost, then this will 'disconnect' your Mattermost account from your Hub account and Group Admins won't be able to find you to send you new invites to other Hub groups.

  1. Go to the Hub
  2. Log in [top right]

  1. Select the drop-down arrow [top right] and then Setttings

  1. Select the pencil icon next to Login name

  1. Edit your Login
  2. Add your Mattermost password
  3. Select Save

  • That will then change your Login on the Hub, Mattermost, Cloud and Forum