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Role Tenure

How to update role tenure, so you no longer get 'tenure expired' messages

Your Group Admin can set an Until date for each person assigned to a role, which is the date their holding of that role will be reviewed (the role tenure). This allows people assigned to a role for a limited time to be confident that they won’t be left holding that role for ever. Roles where the Until date has passed will show in red on the group diagram.

When the Until date passes, both the person and the group will receive a reminder message on Mattermost, and the role/person will be shown in red in the Hub organism diagram.

Formal, elected roles have a procedure laid down in the constitution (Choosing Role-Holders), which the group will follow to decide who holds the role and for how long.

Once any such formalities have been followed, the procedure for any of your Group Admins to update the Hub is simple:

  • Log in to the Hub
  • Click on Groups
  • Click on the relevant group
  • Open the Roles dropdown
  • Click on the edit pencil for the relevant role
  • Alter the Until date of the relevant person (there are 3-month and 6-month shortcut buttons to automatically set it to that period of time, if that's what you need)
  • Click Save.

If you do not have a Group Admin, please get one of your Coordinators to contact Hub Help Desk on Mattermost, or email