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Super Admin Functions

This section is for Hub Super Admins, and explains how to alter the structure and rules of Hub Group Types on the Hub.

Editing Hub Group Types

Go to Maintenance/Hub Group Types

The different kinds of Hub Groups are shown below:

Click on one to edit it, or click New Hub Group Type to create a new one.

Please do not add or edit Hub Group Types without first agreeing the changes with SOS and DDAT.

Important fields here are:

  • Auto Create - If ticked, the Group Admin of a parent group can create this kind of group without checking by a Hub Admin.
  • Reception - if ticked, groups will automatically have a Reception channel in the UK Team by default (otherwise they will share their parent group's Reception).
  • Can Auto Join Roles - this is used for Role Support Groups, and allows the Group Admin to automatically join everyone within a section of XR who is in a certain role to this group.
  • Exclude from Organism Filter - if ticked, this kind of group will not appear in the XR Organism diagram by default.
  • Mandate - this has 3 values:
    • May Have Mandate - a mandate is optional
    • Must Have Mandate - a mandate is compulsory if one of the groups's ancestors has Enforce SOS ticked
    • May Not Have Mandate - a mandate is not allowed, but the Group Admin can add a brief description of what the group is for - this is for groups like Project Groups that have no decision making power