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What is the Hub?

The Hub is the tool XR UK uses to connect lots of the programs (e.g. Mattermost and UK Forums) that rebels use to organise online.

Why do we need it?

The Hub does some really important things:

  • It creates accounts for rebels all of XRUK's connected tools (e.g. Mattermost) so you can sign in with the same username and password everywhere.
  • It automatically adds rebels to all the channels and forums for all of the XR groups they are a member of.
  • It can temporarily suspend the accounts of rebels who are arrested so the authorities cannot get access even if they take the rebel's phone or computer.

The Hub also keeps track of the structure of all the XR groups that have joined (see My Groups). This is extremely useful because it makes it really easy to find the right people to talk to.

How do I join the Hub?

To join the Hub, you need to follow the steps described here.