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Applying for an email account

This page explains which groups are eligible for XR email addresses, and how groups can apply.

Is your group eligible?

The following types of group may be issued with email addresses :

  • region/nation groups
  • local groups
  • region/nation working groups
  • local working groups only if they are demonstrably large, active and well organised - otherwise they should use a 'plus address' folder on their parent group address (see below)
  • UK level working groups

Addresses cannot be issued to:

  • individuals
  • affinity groups
  • any groups lacking a corresponding record on the Communications Hub (see below)

Is your group on the 'Communications Hub'?

Addresses can only be issued to groups whose existence has been recorded on the XR UK Communications Hub since we1 use the Hub to verify requests. If your group is not yet listed you should ask your 'Group Admin' or the 'Group Admin' of your parent circle3 to help with this.

Are you personally on the 'Communications Hub'?

The applicant should be personally listed on the Hub as holding a core role2 in the group requesting an email. If you're not yet listed you should ask your 'Group Admin' or the 'Group Admin' of your parent circle3 to help with this (more here).

How to apply

If you're happy that you/your group meet the above criteria please make your request with a message to this chat channel (on XR's Mattermost).

If you need an address urgently but are unable to immediately fulfil all the above criteria, please ask for advice in the above channel anyway: we may be able to find a workaround.

  1. Who is 'we'? email addresses are administered by the Digital Discussions Applications Team
  2. A 'core role' would be any of 'External Co-ordinator', 'Internal Co-ordinator' or 'Group Admin'.
  3. 'Parent circle': For local groups, the 'parent circle' would be your regional group

This page has been contributed by the Digital Discussions Applications Team. February 2023.