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Creating your event: Main Details Page

Once you have followed the instructions on the previous page, you will be taken to this page, where you will be asked to go into more detail. This information will make up the main page people see when they click on the link to your event.

eventbrite 6.png

Main Event Image

First you can add a picture. This picture should be attention-grabbing but also informative. You can use to make a good graphic. Once you have a graphic you can upload it by clicking ‘upload image’.


In the summary, you should include key but short details about the event, as you only have 140 characters.


eventbrite 7.png

In the description you can give more details and go into more depth. You can include information about your event, locations, timings and also why people should come!

Include information about your refund policy (see later sections) and an email so people can contact you for questions about the event .

You could add more images or videos if desired.

Once finished click save.