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Making simple QR codes


This is a QR Code. When you scan it with a QR code scanner app on a smartphone you can quickly get to a website, online document, or anything else with a URL. Here’s how to make one:

  1. Copy the website URL you want the code to take you to- eg:

  2. Go to to shorten the URL.
    You need to do this because long links (like the one above) make complicated QR codes, which are harder for phones to scan. Without URL shortening, the QR code would look like this:



  1. Click shorten and your shortened link will appear.


  1. Click copy.

  2. Go to any of the many free QR code creation websites Eg:

It's best not to use any tracking offered by these sites - as it can sometimes put a expiry time on your QR code and stop it working. If you need tracking - contact that Data Insights and Analytics team on their mattermost reception here

  1. Click in the main box and paste the short URL into the window like this:


  1. Click Download and wait (ignore the box that pops up, you don’t need to fill anything in). When the download box pops up, choose save and save it where you want. Depending on how your computer is set up, the QR code may download automatically and save to your 'Downloads' folder.


  1. And that’s it, you have simple QR code which you can put on your leaflets, stickers and posters so people can get to your sign-up sheet, website, fundraider, Facebook page or whatever you want!