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Working on providing indoor accommodation for groups or individuals and setting up and running protest camps. Edited_Campsite_2022-(1).jpg

The Accommodation Team work hard to help everyone find a place to stay for major events (usually rebellions in London). Each Region/Nation is twinned with a London Borough and accommodation will be allocated with this in mind.

We aim to provide a safe space for anyone in need, who otherwise would not be able to come to London and where rebels can rest and regenerate after a long day’s protest.

The number of camps and indoor accommodation depends on the number of rebels registering. Managing accomodation needs extensive planning, as it will involve infrastructure, essentials, and preparing to be camping in more than one park. Please see volunteering roles below.


Campsite specific locations are not normally released until just before we open them. This is to avoid unwanted attention from the public. We aim to cooperate with local communites as far as possible - if you live in London and there is a community area possibly suitable for camping near you, please let us know.

Join the London Campers Community Telegram Group for updates and to communicate with other potential campers: join here

Managing the camp(s) will be a daunting task. We need campers to volunteer at least a few hours help - we are all crew! Please join the London Campers Volunteer Chat, where you can connect to other volunteers: join here

Camping in public spaces in London is illegal, however XRUK liaises with local authorities and the Met Police to ensure camps are safe. Locations will only be released once the local authorities have been contacted approximately 7 days before, at which point they are more likely to be supportive.

Contact the Accommodation Team by email if you have any questions:

Indoor Accommodation

We aim to secure as many indoor spaces as possible, such as church halls, mosques, community centres, warehouses and sports halls.

  • Could you offer space in your home or camping in your garden?
  • Do you know any spaces in London that might be suitable?

Human Hotel

In addition, there is the Human Hotel Choose your city as "London" and then register as a host, or search as guest. Search for accommodation here

Please note that some rebels are encountering "invalid date" problems when using the date selection in the filter at the top of the page. To avoid this, use the dates field on the page of the host you would like to stay with.

  • Sign up to be a host here

If you sign up to be a host then please check your inbox regularly as we are hearing that some attempts at registering for accomodation are going unanswered.


  • Can you volunteer to help the Accommodation Team?
  • Can you research places in London that might be suitable for accommodation?
  • Can you call around venues to book them for April?
  • Are you at home on Mattermost and Telegram or good at admin? We need volunteers to monitor chats, manage info and write posts for broadcasts and newsletters.

To volunteer to help out with any of these roles please contact the Accommodation Team.
All necessary information, guidance and assistance needed to take part will be provided.


All regions and nations have been linked to London Boroughs, your local group can connect you to your accommodation link rebel who works with the Accommodation Team. They can help you with information, signing up for accommodation and finding your place in the Accommodation Team. We are always interested in any ideas from any rebels, please contact your regional or national accommodation link - this could be your regional or national External Coordinator and/or Gardnener, ask your local group for contact details.

Nation/Region London Borough
Scotland & Northern Ireland Camden, Muswell Hill & Islington
North West & Yorkshire Hackney & Tower Hamlets
North East & Cumbria Haringey & Waltham Forest
Cymru Brent, Barnet & Harrow
Bristol Kingston & Richmond
South West Hammersmith & Fulham
East of England Lambeth
Midlands Southwark & Lewisham
South East Wandsworth

Check back here or check the Rebellion Broadcast for the latest info!