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Steward Communications

Contact Us

You can reach the Stewarding Team at

How do we keep in touch with fellow Stewards

Before, during and after the events we use several chats:
Big Stewards Chat: A Telegram chat for all XR Steward Volunteers. Chat, queries & call-outs
London Stewards: A Telegram chat for Stewards living in London. Chat, queries & call-outs

We also use more secure Signal communications for Lead Stewards. You will need to be verified by someone from a XR Team or Supporter Organisation to be added to these.

Hand Signals

These Signals are used to communicate with attendees at an event or action Hand-Signals.png

This signal is used to communicate (silently) with other stewards (try and remember to always be looking round and watching your stewarding colleagues to make sure you keep in contact)
Mic Check: when you raise your arm first to get silence then repeat "Mic Check, Mic check", the crowd repeats this "Mic Check, Mic check". Then you give your short message, the crowd repeats it. Then loop again Mic-Check.png

Signup to be a Steward on XR Action Network