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Creating Amenities & Sustenance Maps

Producing maps using Google MyMaps mean that you can share the editing workload and then publish a public view for participants to use. Google Help on using the tool.

Below are some examples.

The Big One Rebellion

The Big One Google MyMap
Note the use of layers for the different days as well as fixed infrastructure

  • Toilets (public and onsite loos of last resort) including full descriptions and accessiblity
  • Water refill stations
  • Sustenance
  • Welcome Hub
  • First Aid
  • Action Wellbeing

March for Biodiversity

The Big One for Biodiversity V2 Google MyMap
Note the use of areas to show meeting zones at the start of the march

People Pickets

Animals Peoples Pickets Google MyMap
Note use of icons to allow people to find specific pickets - numbers might have been easier