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On the day - 12 Stewarding Tips

Stewards on a protest are welcomed, and we want to be professional too.

Wear hi-vis, comfortable shoes, clothing in layers & all-weather hat (no umbrellas) Bring sunscreen, electricians tape, earplugs, water, pen & paper, phone. Food, medication, anything you may need. in a backpack to keep both hands free & give the distinctive hump under the tabard.

  1. Stewards' primary task is to keep protesters and passers by safe eg from traffic
  2. Don't talk to the police or security, never repeat or text anything you might hear them say, nor rumours
  3. If asked (e.g. how long, what else): you don't know, you are here to keep people safe, you are not part of the protest
  4. Stay calm, don’t get into arguments, take a deep breath and de-escalate
  5. To communicate quickly to a crowd, use Mic check e.g. to get people to sit down or leave
  6. Stewards work in pairs - e.g.if there is an accident, one stays with the injured, the other gets help
  7. Ask the lead steward anything you don't know, but find out where the nearest toilets are yourself
  8. Do not point or gesture at people who might be helping at the protest - you may be being filmed so you don't want to be identifying people.
  9. Safeguarding: stay in pairs, do not give unclaimed children to random people, leave reuniting to the authorities
  10. On a march slow the front to the slowest participant, don't allow gaps to widen, send banner pairs to hold intersections
  11. On a static protest keep a path clear on the pavement for passers by and keep protesters off the road unless it is closed to traffic
  12. Ask and suggest, don't order: people don't have to obey you.

Watch the 4min video of these tips Stewards Briefing Video

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