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Site Design & Build

Site Design & Build: Working towards the design and build of sites, spaces, occupations and the different elements within those spaces, i.e. Outreach Hubs, Stages, Creative Structures etc. Typically required for larger actions or where public outreach is planned.

What is it? Every Action, Protest or Rebellion takes place on a site which has been chosen according to various criteria. If the Action is aimed at a specific individual / company / business this more than likely determines the site, but if your Action focus is broader the site will be chosen according to criteria identified by your Action Planners.

The Site Design and Build team will work with these criteria to design the various elements of the site to maximum effect, and then with a team of volunteers execute the build and break of the site. Site Design and Build is particularly important for larger outward facing rebellions or protests.


If I want to do Site Design and Build for a specific Action what skills or training do I need? No specific training is needed but it’s helpful to be able to imagine spaces and be able to relate this to the experience you might have in a given space.

Each Action you are involved with will give you more experience of what works best in a given situation. Site Design and Build work closely with the creative team particularly with regard to flags, banners and site decoration.

Check List for Site Design and Build for a specific Action

Who is your action aimed at and how should it look to them? Is it for the press / social media, how does it look to the camera? How does it look to a passerby, is there an element of outreach involved, are you trying to draw people in, or are you addressing a large crowd? Is it a regenerative action for rebels, who will it look and feel to them? Are you expecting crowds, which direction will they come from? Do you need to be visible from a distance?

Each of the elements involved needs to be positioned correctly on the site in order to fulfill it’s purpose. Think about each element in terms of it’s purpose, who it’s aimed for, and what it’s relationship is to neighboring elements and the site s a whole, this applies to everything whether it’s a main stage, an outreach gazebo, a welfare tent, toilets, a food or water station, a banner or flag, a sound system, an element belonging to a partner organisation, or a crew logistics base.

How big is your site, how will people move around it? Do they need physical signs, digital maps, or stewards with info? Is there enough space for a flow of people without bottlenecks? Is there too much space so your crowd will appear very small? What’s the access like for wheelchairs or disabled people?

Have you thought about the weather? Will it impact your action? Can you alter the site design to mitigate against too much wind / rain / sun?

Help and Support for Site Design and Build if you have any questions about site Design and Build please contact the production team at: we are happy to help via email, arrange a chat or zoom meeting or lend support as needed.

Join the Site Design and Build Team We are always looking for new members to join our friendly team. We are spread across London and the regions and are keen to build a production network across the UK. When the time comes for the next big rebellion we want to connect production crews across the UK to work together on a decentralised plan involving all regions. Signup here to get involved or connect up from your area.