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Toilets, Sanitation and Waste

What is it?

Shits and giggles! Seriously, Sanitation and Waste may not have the most glamorous name but it’s a vital part of any Rebellion and often has a great team of people who have as much of a laugh as anyone else, and are always hugely appreciated by everyone.

The Sanitation and Waste team will ensure that everyone has access to a toilet, to safe drinking water, and that the site is left in as pristine a condition as it was found - or often better.

If I want to do Sanitation and Waste for a specific Action what skills or training do I need?

No specific skills or training are needed.

Check List for Sanitation and Waste for a specific Action:

  • Where are the nearest public toilets to your action? If there are no public toilets near by is there a cafe or pub that would be happy for people to use the toilet? Often agreements can be made with local businesses which benefit all parties and are a great opportunity for outreach.
  • Check any toilets that you have identified as useable are also accessible. -If there are no toilets available you may need to provide your own, either using a portable system or hiring toilets, this will depend on who you are catering for.
  • If you are hiring toilets you need to think about how many people will need to use them and how long they will be available for. Hire companies can often help you figure out how many units you may need.
  • Will people have access to clean drinking water? Are there facilities on or near the site? Local cafe’s or pubs that can refill bottles? Drinking fountains? When tapping into water sources that have not been agreed to extreme care must be taken to ensure it is clean safe drinking water.
  • Do any of your groups on site require access to water? eg. Sustenance team? Art blockers?
  • How much waste will you be generating? It’s always best to find ways to produce less waste before trying to organise dealing with waste.
  • How will you collect waste in a hygienic way? XR has a large number of pink litter pickers made for the big one which are stored in the warehouse in London and can be leant out for any action.
  • Make sure all waste is sorted for responsible disposal. How will you remove waste from site? Can you use waste disposal systems already in place for the location you are at?
  • XR are known for leaving sites cleaner than they have found them - let’s keep this up!

Help and Support

If you have any questions about Sanitation and Waste please contact the production team at: We are happy to help via email, arrange a chat or zoom meeting or lend support as needed.

Join the Sanitation and Waste Team

We are always looking for new members to join our friendly team. We are spread across London and the regions & nations and are keen to build a production network across the UK. When the time comes for the next big rebellion we want to connect production world build crews across the UK to work together on a decentralised plan involving all regions. Sign-up here to get involved or connect up from your area.