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What does the Embedding nonviolence / Deescalation team do?

Nonviolent action is about confrontation. By acting, we engage in conflict with others, intervening in their daily lives and disrupting them. This raises tension, which can increase the risk that somebody gets hurt. Nonviolent communication grants us the ability to engage with other people without causing them unintentional harm. It invites us to move away from notions of blame and judgement, to foster a quality of connection rooted in empathy.

In the context of a rebellious action, we can use this method of communication to manage tension during a confrontation between parties on the street. This can involve members of the public, police or protesters. By intervening in hostile encounters we may be able to recognise feelings of alienation and agitation and help them transform into solidarity and optimism.

We can provide training and wear white hi-vis on the ground.

A team focusing on Embedding Non-Violence & De-escalation is typically needed for longer actions, or when potential conflict situations are likely.

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